Spain, 18 November – 23 November 2018

MPower offers a leadership program in the form of a 6 day retreat abroad, followed by 5 individual coaching sessions and 2 group meetings in the Netherlands.

Information Leadership Pogram

MPower has its own vision about leadership. An important driver in this vision is that you – as a leader – must be able to inspire and facilitate yourself, your employees, your team and your organisation in growth and awareness. We see humans as the most important capital. This human capital is where the strength and the potential are to be of real importance and add value with your team or organisation. This strength and this potential is often present in a different form than we can imagine. In our vision it is about transforming from who you think you are to who you really are, to your natural state of being. When employees are facilitated and inspired in this transformation process and make optimum use of their potential, working and working together becomes enjoyable. Employees will start moving by intrinsic motivation. This is where the best ideas, innovations, creations and collaborations come about. That is fun, fulfilling and creates a sparkling, light energy at the workplace! And, not unimportant, it leads to the most beautiful results!

It is a transition:

  • from control, grip and fear to trust, encouragement and giving space
  • from managing structures and processes to inspiring and facilitating growth and expansion of consciousness
  • from me to us, from our own interest to common interest
  • from separation to connection
  • from changing to transforming
  • from power, status and focus on ‘money as goal’ to equality, passion and ‘money as a means’
  • from searching certainty and safety outside yourself and in the organisation to looking for security and safety within yourself; to create your own, strong foundation
  • from dependent employees, who work within fixed structures and roles, to independent, powerful employees who take control within the freedom and space they get for creative processes
  • from employees who work from an extrinsic motivation to employees who want to contribute to the values and goals of the organisation based on intrinsic motivation
  • from thinking and directing by ‘sharing’ to systemic looking and managing, learning to look at the wider picture by ‘learning to feel, think and work in terms of energy’

This whole process starts with you as an individual leader. In this leadership program we facilitate you as a leader in coming into contact with your natural state of being, becoming aware of that natural state. Then you are able to facilitate transformation processes in your team or organisation and become a source of inspiration for them.

This leadership path contains the following components:

  • free, independent acquaintance and intake in the Netherlands
  • 6-day retreat with several individual coaching sessions and a number of group meetings
  • 5 individual coaching sessions after returning to the Netherlands
  • 2 group meetings after returning to the Netherlands

Our concept offers space for 4 participants. We work intensively, profoundly and with a lot of personal attention. In addition to the content-based program, the contacts with the other participants are of value. It gives you the opportunity to network with like-minded people, to spar on the same wavelength and in the same language.

We can imagine that you would like to receive more information about this leadership program and determine if this program is appropriate for you. You want to know and feel what you say ‘yes’ to and weather we, Paulien and Maarten, are the right partners for you to facilitate your personal growth. That is why we gladly offer you the opportunity for a free introduction meeting. Feel free to call +31 6 19 00 77 20 (Paulien) of +31 6 23 81 74 85 (Maarten) or mail to

We offer organisations the opportunity to make management development programs together. Please feel free to contact us, +31 6 19 00 77 20. We will be happy to explore the possibilities for a beautiful and effective program.

For this retreat we have selected beautiful locations in Spain and Portugal. We have a comfortable, spacious villa at our disposal, with private bedroom and bathroom for everyone. Around the villa is a spacious garden with swimming pool. The villa is situated in a beautiful, green area with peace and privacy to work pleasantly. Even though we have a content intensive program, there is also room for yourself, space to work on assignments and we will use the pleasant environment in our program.

After the Retreat
A lot is set in motion during the retreat. In order to give concrete form to insights, new perspectives and ‘your new self’ in your daily work and life, 5 individual coaching sessions and 2 group meetings (2 x 1 half day) in the Netherlands have been included in the program.

The price for the entire leadership program is € 6,450 excl. VAT. This price includes: the introduction/intake, a 6-day retreat in Spain or Portugal and 5 individual coaching sessions and 2 group meetings in the Netherlands.

Included with the retreat are:

  • 6 nights with private bedroom and bathroom
  • all days including breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • individual coaching, guidance and group sessions throughout the week
  • transfer to and from the airport and use of a car on site

The flight is exclusive. You may wish to arrange any travel or cancellation insurance for your own benefit.

After registration for this leadership program you will receive a confirmation and we will send your organisation an invoice to pay 50% down payment. The remaining 50% must be paid no later than 6 weeks before departure.

Given the intensity, personal attention and depth that we offer, a maximum of 4 places are available for this program.

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