Customer reviews

“After a week in Portugal with Paulien and Maarten I completely feel my inner strength again. I feel completely free to make my own choices and therefore also let go of things on the basis of inner feelings, my true self. The tools that I have received are extremely valuable. Sincerely a beautiful gift for myself which I will enjoy for the rest of my life. An experience that I favor everyone. Oh yes, and they are both great and fun!”

PaulRetreat South Portugal

“With the attention of Paulien you will bloom again. She ensures that you get back in your strength during the retreat. She has the right tools to help you. ... Paulien 'understands' you without expressing value judgments, whatever you say. You know you're safe with her. ... A retreat with Paulien is an unforgettable experience in a wonderful environment with wellness for body and soul (literally and figuratively). An experience that ensures that you flourish and therefore become richer in life.”

JeannetteRetreat South Portugal

“Paulien helped me to find myself again. Because of this I feel not only a lot more confident and more powerful, but I also know better what I want in life and I do not let myself be guided by fears and uncertainties. My surroundings also notice how much I have changed in a positive way.”


“Unaffordable: towards more inner peace. This retreat taught me with very loving and simple techniques what it is like to be 'deep' inside yourself, to feel and to let go. I went into it with a number of questions and came out with more than answers. Paulien intuitionally lets events happen that are needed. At a place in the sun at the most beautiful beaches. I will definitely go again, it was the best gift I could give myself. And your (inner) journey is never at an end.”

MarikeRetreat Sardinia

“It was a magical week ....”

EdwinRetreat South Portugal

“This week has brought me more than two years of psychotherapy ...”

JeannetteRetreat South Portugal

“What a special week! I had never dared to dream in advance that I should experience this and how much it has already brought me. ..... I felt surrounded with warmth, love, care, peace and space this week. That is why I dared to take the right steps and I feel lighter and more free. ... Thank you for all your good care.”

MerelRetreat South Portugal

“Dear Paulien, I did not notice, but I was definately on a speeding train. You had to do some work on me, but you could get me off that train. By your questions and by holding mirrors you unleashed a lot of feelings. You have made sure that I dare to let go. ... I enjoy the journey and have faith. Thank you for your peace and inspiration !!”


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