Retreat means ‘withdrawing yourself for self-examination’. MPower offers you a unique, contemporary form that is pleasant, inspiring, deepening and comfortable. We gladly welcome you at the most beautiful places in Europe, in the middle of nature.
The intention of the retreat is to be more connected to yourself, to become aware of your real potential and strength and, last but not least, to get clarity about questions that concern you. You are going to feel free to make choices and live from your own solid foundation. You make an inner journey that can have a big effect on your work, your relationships and on your life in the broadest sense of the word. We are happy to take you to a different perspective from where you can live your life with inner peace and freedom. You shift from a conditioned, programmed life to a inspired life. That is living in connection with your true nature, from within.

The MPower program consists of retreats in small groups up to four people. You can also opt for the luxury of an individual retreat if you really want all the attention and space for yourself.

The ingredients for the retreats are mainly one-on-one coaching sessions and time to come to yourself. We also provide you with delicious meals, tips for exploring the surroundings and logistic support. The luxury of a comfortable, spacious villa with your own bedroom and bathroom, surrounded by beautiful nature, completes the retreat.

Our comming retreats

15 April 2019


Costa Brava - 15 t/m…
17 June 2019


{:nl} Le Marche - 17…
7 September 2019


{:nl} Algarve - 7 t/m…

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