About MPower

MPower is a relatively small organization, where customization and deepening are two important distinguishing elements. Our personal growth provides us the means to successfully facilitate empowerment. In a relaxed and calm atmosphere we are keen to use our potential to support the growth of a individual, a team or an organisation. We do this with genuine personal involvement, warmth, attention and in an airy way that can sometimes be direct. We are going for transformation and for results. We believe in the strength, potential and added value of every individual. Values that MPower stands for are authenticity, growth, respect, connectedness, results, meaning and enjoyment.

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My background lies in communication, marketing, training, (career) coaching and energetic therapy. In these areas I have held various positions such as manager, consultant, corporate coach and trainer and as a freelancer for Schouten & Nelissen. In addition to this knowledge and work experience, life itself is perhaps the most important learning experience for me.

Since 2007 I have embarked on the path of independent entrepreneurship with Be Happy Company. Values that I find important, such as freedom, independence, creativity and growth, can be given maximum meaning in entrepreneurship. In 2018 Maarten and I founded MPower.

In my work I like to go to the core, to clarify what is really going on and to speak to people about their potential and strength. Taking people to their authenticity in a quiet and safe setting and make them continue their grow in life from that point, is a strength of mine. The way in which I do this is judgment-free, in-depth and completely in connection with the individual or team. It gives me satisfaction when I see how people liberate themselves internally, make powerful choices from within and stand in their power. ‘MPowering’! I gladly give that push to go.

Besides working with people I like to write. For example, I wrote the Inspiration Box with the book ‘Being Yourself’.

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After my studies at the Royal Military Academy, I held managerial positions in the public domain and at international organisations. I have been formed by working under difficult conditions in multi-disciplinary teams that are characterised by great cultural and social diversity.

Restoring the balance in an individual, team or organisation comes from a natural inner motivation. It provides a ‘state of being’ that contributes to better performance and gives people great satisfaction. Furthermore, I find it valuable to support people in looking from a different perspective, after which they will create new possibilities derived from inner strength. Clarity in communication and naming what is ‘in the moment’ characterise my actions and I also like to appeal to perseverance and flexibility. All this in a relaxed atmosphere, airy, but with results!

At MPower, besides developing leadership, potential and strength, I also like to dedicate myself to the logistical support that contributes to successful and worry-free retreats!

Words that characterise me are: motivator, relativist, restoring, mediator, listening, concretising, organising, persevering, positive, emphatic.

“We go for solid steps and sustainable results when it comes to personal growth, leadership and transformation. We both like to realize this in an involved, open, direct but also comfortable and airy way. Transformation can be intense, and you must really take responsibility and have courage. Transformation can be truly beautiful and enriching. If you are willing to really go for it, we gladly support you, your team or organisation.”

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