Powerful leaders build powerful organisations. Powerful leadership has nothing to do with status, power and similar characteristics. Powerful leadership is about inner strength from which you inspire, facilitate, serve and connect. This requires empowerment from each individual leader, to develop your true potential and strength and to commit to the whole. That means transformation from who you think you are to your authentic self, to your natural state of being. Only then you can facilitate your employees, team or organisation in empowerment. This transition ultimately leads to a state in which work and collaboration become a feast. The most beautiful version of each one appears and from there the best ideas, innovations, creations and collaborations come into being. That is fun, fulfilling and creates a light and sparkling energy at the workplace. And, not unimportant, it leads to the most beautiful results!

It is about a transition:

  • from control, grip and fear to trust, encourage and giving space,
  • from managing and controlling structures and processes to inspiring and facilitating growth and expanding awareness,
  • from hiding yourself behind a mask to really show yourself; vulnerability as a force,
  • from me to we, from our own interest to common interest,
  • from separateness to connection,
  • from changing to transforming,
  • from power, status and focus on ‘money as goal’ to equality, passion and ‘money as a means’,
  • from finding security and safety outside yourself and in the organisation to discovery of security and safety in yourself; to realize your own strong foundation,
  • of dependent employees, who work within fixed structures and roles, to independent, powerful employees who take control within the freedom and space they get for creative processes,
  • of employees who work from an extrinsic motivation to employees who want to contribute to the values and goals of the organisation based on intrinsic motivation,
  • from thinking and directing in ‘fragments’ to looking and leading systemic, learning to look at the whole, in ‘learning how to feel, think and work with energy’.

Our strength is to facilitate the transformation process to a new level of leadership. That is possible in many ways.

Customised leadership programs
We gladly facilitate organisation with concrete programs to support ’empowerment’ for management. This can be achieved through a tailor-made leadership program, for example as part of a Management Development Program.

Executive coaching
With individual coaching we support managers in the transformation process to their natural state of being. Managers become aware of their potential and act in accordance with their real inner strength. Teaching individual employees or teams in the same process can also be part of the coaching. This executive coaching can take place in The Netherlands, but participation in an individual retreat or our Special Leadership Program can also be an appropriate option.

Accompaniment at transformation processes
We facilitate organisations to successfully implement organisational and cultural transitions. Many variations are possible here.

Interim Management
We support organisations to move forward in times of transformation, crisis, temporary absence of an official or when certain developments demand specific leadership qualities. Maarten is point of contact for Interim Management: +31-623817485.


When conflict parties no longer manage to come up with solutions independently, we are happy to guide the participants from quarreling to rest, and enable them to look for an acceptable and sustainable solution together. Maarten is point of contact for Mediation: +31-623817485.

We gladly visit you to get acquainted and discuss possibilities. Feel free to contact us: +31-623817485 (Maarten) or +31-61900 7720 (Paulien).

As with our retreats, we like to work in pleasant, comfortable places in Europe. We have selected several locations in France, Spain, Italy and Portugal. Here we can work on ’empowerment’ in peace and comfort. Taking physical distance, away from the workplace and home, gives extra dimension and depth to realise the goals of the customised program. Such a program may sound like a considerable financial investment, but our experience shows that the way in which we offer programs abroad is also financially attractive. Obviously, an empowerment program can also take place at a location in The Netherlands, so let the location certainly not be an obstacle.

Additional information?

For additional information please use the contact-button below. You can also contact us by telephone: 0031-619007720 or email to info@mpowercompany.nl