You want effective and enjoyable cooperation in your organisation to achieve the best results. Every team within an organisation contributes to this and each team member has his own unique contribution.

We like to look systematically at organisations and teams. A system naturally wants to function in balance and in harmony. However, sometimes there are disruptions within the system through which it does not function and perform optimally. There can be various causes for this. There can be ‘hassle’ between team members, team spirit is missing, unspoken resistance, ineffective patterns with each other, expectations and goals that are not clear, team members who feel undervalued, interrelationships that are unclear or disturbed, sense of inequality between the team members, lack of acceptance when it comes to hierarchy, lack of trust, lack of appreciation, leaving untapped potential et cetera. In such cases it is wise to put energy and effort into a team.

We coach teams, and sometimes within individual team members, to achieve:

  • a pleasant and effective cooperation within a team
  • prepare a team to be able to work together effectively and pleasantly
  • appreciation and respect for everyone’s unique contribution to the whole
    to support each other, especially if ‘one of the links’ temporarily functions less well
  • knowing, acknowledging and using everyone’s qualities and potential
  • knowing and acknowledging everyone’s challenges and assist each other in facing them
  • creating ‘free space’ to come to new great ideas, new collaborations within or outside the team, innovations, …
  • a leadership style that is appropriate for a specific team

We go for a team that cooperates powerfully and effectively and enjoys working together to achieve the best results.

We offer to take a team to one of our locations in France, Spain, Portugal or Italy. By being away from the workplace and also taking physical distance, we can zoom out and quickly get to the core and to deepening. We ensure that the team can realise its objectives in a comfortable manner and in a relatively short time. Of course, a team coaching trajectory can also take place in the Netherlands, so let the location not be an obstacle.

We gladly visit you to get acquainted and explore possibilities to achieve an optimally functioning team. Feel free to contact us: +31 6 19 00 77 20.

Additional information?

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