Individual Coaching

Our coaching is aimed at being more connected to yourself and finding clarity on questions or wishes that concern you. It is all about uncovering your potential, discovering your own strength and making powerful choices and living consciously. All your questions are welcome, both business related and private. Perhaps you recognise yourself in one of the following or similar questions and wishes:

  • you feel stuck, for example in work, in private life or in relationships and you look for ‘what’ and ‘how’
  • you want to take a new step in your career
  • you want to change your life
  • you want to leave a burn-out, bore-out or stressful life behind you and come to a different way of working and living that suits you better
  • you want to come free of patterns, beliefs and emotions so there is room for your potential and strength
  • you want to reflect on your leadership or entrepreneurship and transform it into another level
  • you feel a desire to be more connected to yourself, to come to yourself
  • you feel a desire for more balance in your moment, for inner peace and freedom or otherwise …

Whatever your questions or wishes are, by making the shift from who you think you are to who you really are, you come to your own answers, potential and strength. You shift from conditioned, programmed life to a inspired, authentic life.

If you want to take firm steps in your personal growth, you need to dare to go inside, to have self-reflection, courage, honesty, take responsibility and often dare to step outside your comfort zone. If you have that willingness, much is possible. Both business and private customers are welcome.

Executive coaching and Coach the coach
Leaders, managers, entrepreneurs and coaches are target groups with which we have a strong affinity. If you fulfill your role as leader, entrepreneur or coach, you can do a lot to unlock potential and strength and facilitate people and organisations to become the most beautiful version of themselves. We like to coach you in this process.

Retreats and Specials
In addition to – or instead of – individual coaching sessions in the Netherlands, everyone has the possibility to participate in one of our individual tailor-made retreats abroad. Leaders and managers are also invited to take a look at our Special Leadership Program. We invite coaches to attend the Special Masterclass Coaching.

Paulien is the contact person for coaching: 06 19 00 77 20.

Additional information?

For additional information please use the contact-button below. You can also contact us by telephone: +31 6 19 00 77 20 or email to


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