Coach training ‘Coaching towards pure potential’
14 September 2018 – 7 June 2019

Does not everyone want to feel comfortable, in balance, powerful and function well in his or her work, career, relationships and in life in the broadest sense of the word? The reality is that many people live from behind a veil, from a mask. They are driven by ‘stories’ they have come to believe about themselves, others and the world around them. They are beliefs, patterns, memories, survival strategies and accompanying emotions that you can be stuck in and that determine how you live and experience your life. This ‘spurious’ ‘I lives a limited life, is trapped in a world of duality and no longer experiences the connection with a deeper layer in oneself. This limited ‘I’ experiences problems, doubts, struggles with emotions or thoughts or pushes them away, thinks not to be good enough, feels lonely, depressed or out of balance and is cut off from inspiration and vitality. So many people seek out a coach with questions about themselves in relation to their work, career, relationships and life. You can be this coach.

Pure potential
During this 10-day coach training you will be trained as a coach to make your customers realise again who they really are: pure potential. You coach and inspire your customers to experience the connection with their own core, to return to their natural state of being and to discover their real potential and strength. This pure core is already present and does not need to be developed! Your customer ‘often can not get there anymore’. Think of it as a diamond with a layer of dust over it. You coach your customers to go back to full clarity, and from the realisation who they really are to living their lives to the fullest; in inner freedom, spontaneous, accepting, powerful, creating and effortless. Again in connection with oneself, your client automatically gets clarity on his questions, both practical, everyday and in-depth questions. Your customer realises that he or she is pure potential and a tremendously powerful creator of his own reality, a co-creator who ‘plays’ in a field of unlimited possibilities.

Two tracks
Being able to coach towards pure potential and strength demands growth and awareness. In this training you therefore walk two tracks. The first track is to realise who you really are. The second track is to be able to coach and inspire someone else in the same process. This training is therefore an enormous enrichment for yourself and for your professional role as a coach. From the connection with yourself you can also really connect with your customer and offer a ‘field’ in which your customer can become aware of himself again. That requires you – as a person and coach – to release your own identification with your ‘spurious’ me. It requires total self-acceptance and self-love, to eventually discover that you are love and potential.

This training involves profound transformation. As a participant in this training, you need courage, dedication and radical honesty to yourself. I look forward to meet you and train, coach and inspire you in this training. You are most welcome.

For more information you can consult the tabs below. Feel free to call: +31 6 19 00 77 20. This training is provided by Paulien. When participating in this course you will receive the Inspiration Box with the book ‘Being Yourself’ as a gift.

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Here you can read more about;

  • the themes in the training
  • tools, methods and ‘perspectives’ from which you learn to coach
  • structure of the training

The themes in the training
The themes you will use in the training are:

  • in connection with your authentic self
  • the connection with the other and the world around you
  • you as co-creator of your own reality
  • the coach profession
  • career coaching

If you like to receive more information about these themes, please send an e-mail to You will then receive a PDF with detailed explanations of these themes.

Tools, methods and perspectives from which you learn how to coach
During the training we use and learn how to work with: the Inspiration box ‘Being Yourself’, a workbook with coaching questions for self-examination, The Work by Byron Katie, the basis of systemic work (family and organisation setups), mindfulness, emotional freedom techniques, the healing journey of Brandon Bays, creation tools, tools for understanding relationships, the working of universal laws in practice.

Structure of the training
The training consists of the following components:

  • introductory meeting / intake interview
  • 10 training days (2018: 14/9, 12/10, 9/11, 7/12 + 2019: 11/1, 8/2, 8/3, 12/4, 17/5 and 7/6)
  • buddies, to spar and to coach
  • literature and assignments
  • intermediate progress interview by telephone
  • coaching of trial customers
  • building a portfolio
  • live coach conversations on day 10
  • completing individual coach discussion
  • certificate of participation

You will receive further explanation during the introductory / intake meeting. If you like to receive more information now, feel free to call Paulien (+31 6 19 00 77 20) or send an email to

The location for the 10 training days is Wolfheze.

The price of the coach training is € 3,500 excl. VAT for organisations. For freelancers and private individuals, an adjusted rate of € 2,500 applies (for private individuals incl. VAT, for self-employed persons excluding VAT).

This price includes:

individual, face-to-face intake interview
10 training days (2018: 14/9, 12/10, 9/11, 7/12 + 2019: 11/1, 8/2, 8/3, 12/4, 17/5 and 7/6); every day from 10 am to 5 pm
intermediate progress interview by telephone
a concluding individual coach discussion
Inspiration box ‘Jezelf zijn’only available in Dutch
training folder
certificate of participation

The price does not include the day packages for the accommodation (room, lunch, coffee, tea). For the 10 training days they total € 495, -. The literature is not included in the price – you purchase it yourself as a participant. This is approx. € 250,-.

For private individuals: you can include the investment for this training as training costs in your annual tax return. This way you will retrieve a part of your investment.

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Additional information?

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